Wake Up Squirrel- Flash Fiction #1

SURPRISE! I’ve got a special treat for y’all 😀

Here’s a short and sweet story; a fun little piece of flash fiction. I hope you enjoy! Sit back, grab some chocolate, and read this account of a five year old and his abnormal pet 🙂

The light flickered out for a second, just as everyone was about to dig into their taco salad.

Little Ian looked up at the ceiling and squinted.

“Wake up, squirrel!” he yelled.

Mom stopped and stared at Ian. John was so surprised by this that he forgot he had lifted his glass of iced tea up to his mouth and half of it splashed onto his lap. (He looked around sheepishly to see if anyone had noticed. No one had, so he dropped a napkin over his lap. Problem solved.

“What squirrel, Ian?” Cassie, his fifteen year old sister asked, leaning toward him.

Ian pointed up to the light fixture on the ceiling. “He’s up there.”

“In the ceiling?” She looked up. 

“Uh huh,” Ian nodded, picking up a piece of tomato with his hand and dropping it in his mouth.

“Ian, use your fork, please,” mother said.

“But squirrels don’t use forks.” He wiped his hand on his shirt.

“Are you a squirrel now?” John snickered.

“No.” He shook his head sadly. “But I want to be! Just like the squirrel in the ceiling.”

“Why is there a squirrel in the ceiling?” Cassie asked.

“He runs all around,” Ian made a big sweeping motion around his head, “keeping all the lights on. Sometimes he falls asleep and then the lights go off.” He shrugged and started eating his salad (with his fork this time.).

John laughed. “How can a squirrel do that?”

“He’s so fluffy that the lightning just jumps off of him and turns on all the lights!” Ian made an explosion with his hands, complete with sound effects, of course.

“Well, I’m very thankful your squirrel knows so much about electricity.” Mother smiled.

Cassie walked into the room; right as Ian was jumping onto his bed in his monster pajamas. The large, white fan whirred in the corner, making the hot summer heat in the room a little more bearable.

“Mom said she’ll be up in a minute to sing you a good night song,” Cassie said as she tucked in a light blanket around the bright-eyed little boy. “Do you want to sleep with your doggie?” She looked over at the stuffed dog sitting on the top of his bucket of toys. Once the dog had been covered in fluffy fur and worn a blue collar. Now the brown dog’s fur was worn and tattered in places and the blue ribbon around its neck was starting to fray. She smiled, thinking of all the times Ian had held it close, stroking its fur when he was tired or scared.

“No,” Ian said, squirming into place under his blankets.

 “Why?” Cassie’s mouth opened in surprise. “You always sleep with doggie.”

 “I’m going to sleep with squirrel tonight.” He looked up expectantly at Cassie.

 “Ian…” She sat down next to him on the bed. “Your squirrel isn’t the same as your doggie. You won’t be able to sleep with him.”

 “No, Cassie!” Ian sat up. “He’ll come down when the lights go out.”

“Well… I know you think so, but if you get scared you won’t be able to hold him like doggie.”

Ian shook his head vigorously. He jumped out of bed, his bare feet thudding over the floor to the opposite wall. With a flick of his hand the light was off and he was running back again.

“What are you doing?” Cassie asked as he took her hand and motioned down to the floor.

“You’ll see!”  

Cassie could see her brother grinning through the dim light coming from the hallway.

“Come down, squirrel!” He announced loudly, sitting on his knees.

Cassie shook her head, trying not to laugh.

Ian put his hands out, bringing them in like he was holding an animal. Then his hands moved suddenly, as if he was about to drop what was in his arms.

“Squirrel! You shouldn’t try to escape!” He scolded, petting the air.

“I still don’t see anything,” She watched his empty hands.

Ian held out his hands, holding nothing but air. He placed them over Cassie’s lap and let go.

“Should something happen?”

“Stay, squirrel!” Ian instructed, looking sternly down at Cassie’s lap.

 “I don’t feel anything.” She shook her head.

  “No! You’re doing it wrong, Cassie!”

  “What should I be doing?”  

  “You can’t feel him that way!” The little boy reached out his hands, then put one hand over his heart as he looked up at Cassie with innocent eyes. “You have to feel him here first.”

Cassie didn’t even mean to do it, but her right hand lifted to her heart. For a second, she felt something, like a stream of water, flowing through her hand. Her eyes widened in surprise. Ian reached out his little hand and took her other hand.

“I’ll help you see.”

Cassie felt something scratch her leg. Fur against her bare skin. A warm sensation. And then… she saw.

A squirrel was sitting on her lap. He chattered and jumped to the floor. 

“Ian!” Cassie cried, her mouth open.

He grinned. “See?”

“How did you do that?” She watched the squirrel roll into a ball on Ian’s lap.

Ian shrugged as he petted his squirrel. “I just thought him up and then he was here.”

“You thought him up?”           

Ian nodded. “Do you want to hold him?”

The End

Thanks for reading! 😀

~Esther Sears

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