Two Years Ago I left Missouri//Bringing Ya’all Up to Date :)

Two Years Ago I left Missouri--Blank Pages

It’s been almost two years since I moved away from Missouri.

So, to my fellow Missourians who are wondering how I’m doing, this is for you 🙂

That first year away was so hard. Most of you know. But, hard as it was, I’m not sorry it happened. It made me be stronger than I ever thought I could be 🙂 I’ve grown so much these past two years. No more is the little girl who was scared to death of talking to people, who never fit in, who was still so young and insecure.

Main points of the last two years
  • My relationship with God has soared in the past two years. I’ve still got a lot to learn, but I’ve grown so much spiritually 🙂 A fire has ignited in me and ain’t nobody gonna put it out 😀
  • I’ve realized how much I enjoy writing. Before, it was kind of a hobby, but I never really believed I was good at it. I’m not sure exactly when that mindset changed. Little by little it dawned on me. A lot of things happened to me to make me realize, the class I took at camp, getting a couple of my stories published in a magazine (You can read them here and here), writing the play for the homeschool Co-Op… And more 🙂 I’m continue to grow and improve, and we’ll see where God takes me with it 🙂
  • This may sound slightly bad… But moving away, not seeing or being around my older siblings, forced me to develop more of my own personality. For as long as I can remember I’ve tried to gain the approval of my older siblings, and tried to do things the way they did. If they liked a certain movie or disliked a certain movie, chances are I would like or dislike it too. I didn’t even realize it a lot of the time. Getting away, I had to learn to do things me own way. I realized “Wait, I actually don’t like this artist, or song, or movie…” “Why did they always do things this way??” 😉
  • I’ve become WAY more of an extrovert. Having to start completely over with making friends, I realized how much I need people, how much I enjoy spending time with those I love. I’m way more a social person than I ever thought possible. Not that I don’t still have my moments… There are still times when I need space and you’re taking your life into your own hands if you speak to me 😉 So I’m an extroverted introvert?
  • I’ve learned to accept this awkward, clumsy, occasionally graceful, unathletic mess that God has made me 😀
  • I know. I’m not sure I can elaborate. I know what I’m being called to do, where God wants me now, where I want to be years from now. Secret hopes and dreams are being stockpiled 😉 You’ll just have to stick around to see what that means!

I could probably write a book about everything I’ve learned the past two years, but you get the idea 🙂 I still miss Missouri so very much. It will always be home. Nothing is going to change that 🙂

I’ve learned not to think about it. It hurts too much when I think about it. Someday, maybe I can think about Missouri and my life there without tearing up (inside and out), but I kinda doubt it.

*Opens arms wide* I’ve got a crazy blessed life. I love the life I have. I now greet everyday with a smile and an Owl City song (Ha 😉 )

There are a lot of new opportunities coming up for me… I’ll be starting work at a local ice cream shop soon, I’m going to be helping my mom with a writing class for our Co-Op starting this fall, I’m going to camp this summer…  I’m excited about all of them 🙂 I can’t wait to see what God has in store for me.

Stay strong, you all. Life may be difficult at times, but stay strong. God will get you through it 🙂


*Twirls cape and vanishes*

**Traveling Updates**

Soooo… Here’s an update on my life! 🙂

I’m not in Missouri anymore… Not even close to it.  Last week was very hectic, and very tiring 😛 I didn’t get to see everyone that I wanted to, or do everything that I wanted to, but that’s life 🙂

The trip took a total of 4 days, as we took our time getting here 😉 We stopped to see my oldest brother and his family, as well as 2 homeschool families. The first one we stopped to see we hadn’t seen since I was 7 0r 6. I was just a tad nervous about meeting them again, but it all turned out just fine ^_^ We played a trampoline ball game, looked at Legos, and then hide and seek 😉 We had to leave sooner than anyone wanted, but I’m hoping that we’ll be able to see them again 🙂

The 2nd family is one that my Mom met online through her Lilla Rose business, and I’ve been pen pals with the girl my age for a couple of years. So we met them in the park and had breakfast one morning 🙂 It didn’t take long for C and I to start talking 🙂 And then her sister, C, and I went and played on this very cool spin-y thing. You held on to something that looked like a steering wheel above your head, and then put your feet on a saucer, and spin! It was so much fun ^_^

We got to Massachusetts on the 30th, after taking just a few wrong turns 😛

We’re still getting used to the area, it’s quite different from what we’re used to 😛 And trying to find a house…

We know a couple people here, and we’ll be visiting churches 🙂

Also, it’s possible that I’ll be coming back in January… At the arrival of a niece or nephew 😀 But it’s still a ways away, so I’m not sure what’s going to happen. Therefore do not get thy hopes up 🙂

From across the country,