Sith Cosplay

I have to say it… Halfway into making this costume I realized, “A sith?! Why am I making a sith costume?!??! Sith are evil, why am I dressing up as one??” Aaaaahh

I think my original reasoning was I wanted to make a black cape and it went from there 😉 *Shrugs* It was a fun project anyway ^_^ It was fairly easy. Like just about everything I do, I improvised and made up things as I went along. And it turned out! 😀

I took apart an old necklace for the fastening of the cape, for a lil fancy touch ^_^

I was actually happy with how these turned out 🙂 It was pretty lightweight fabric, so I lined them, and used velcro on the back. Don’t know how well they would stay on for a long period of time, or if you were moving around a lot, but they worked for this at least!

Funny story. I went out with my brother to take these pictures. Halfway there I realized I had left the wrist guards at home. So I had to run all the way back, while the sun was steadily getting lower… And I knew I had to leave for rehearsal in a few minutes :O (It was also the only time I had to take pictures that week, soooo)

Cool, frosted pond in the background 😀

Till next time! 😀 😀 Don’t know the next time I’ll be doing a cosplay… But I’m hoping pretty soon!


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