I Have a Camera!!!

Hello! Been awhile, hasn’t it? XP Almost three months, in fact. I’ve pretty much settled back into my routine after the holidays… It was really hard for me for some reason this year 😛 But I have about a week left before life gets crazy again! 😉 But it’ll be good.

So here’s what I’ve been up to the past couple of days! My Dad recently bought a new camera, and so I inherited his old one 😀 (Weeell, it’s not officially mine, but he said that I could use it) I tried it out over the weekend, and here’s some of what I shot 🙂 (Oh! Have you had warm weather recently? It has here, and it’s been oh so glorious!!)

Bubbles! :) My little sister, who was quite willing to be my model 😉

Blank Pages


Silly girl


Innocence...She looks so innocent in this picture, doesn’t she? 😉

WhiskersMy kitty, Squeaks! 🙂
Blank Pages

Blank Pages I love this one ^,^

Cat feet

Blank PagesMy brother, who was not quite as willing a model 😉






So what did you think? I’m not sure how good they are, but I had a lot of fun taking them 🙂

Do you enjoy taking pictures?

Any tips for me?

See ya next time!


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