Less than a Week//Pictures

Hello peoples! How are you this fine day? 🙂


There’s not much time left here… Just a little more than a week 🙁 I still can’t believe that I’m moving sometimes… I’ll be doing something and tell myself that I’ll see someone or do something when I realize that I won’t be here. And I’ll be walking through the house, or at church looking at all the people, and realize that I’ll be leaving all of this very soon. It seems so unreal. This is all that I’ve ever known… The most I’ve ever been away from home at one time is 3 weeks or so. Not 5 years… So Weird XP

Random picture time!! XD Some of my favorites from the last month 🙂

Baby nephew Blank Pages rainbow! Two little birdies Yawn

~Forever Esther! 😀

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