What I’m Thinking– Random Moments

This is an idea I’ve seen around, and I’ve always thought that it was neat 🙂 The only problem is that it is never your current train of thought… You may sit down and write half of it, and then get called by your mother to do something, or only write half a post in a day, and when you come back your thoughts are completely different! But it’s still fun 🙂 Let me know what you think!

What I am:

Thinking: About photography.

Eating: Nothing.

Wearing: Green M.A.R.C.H shirt, and camo jeans.

Excited About: My play next month! 🙂

Looking: At photography inspiration.

Listening: To my sister asking my Dad about something 😉

Writing: This post, and working on the outline for my latest NaNoWriMo story.

Reading: The Kingdom That Turned the World Upside Down By David Bercot

Making: Pizza soon 🙂

Sewing: Just mendin’ a few things 😛

Acting: Jo from Little Woman 🙂

Planning On Dressing Up As: Jo

Singing: The Star Wars Theme Song with words. This is pretty much one of the most awesome songs ever… XD

Talking: To no one…

Planning: On seeing peoples soon 😉

Wondering: Why a friend hasn’t texted me back…

Watching: Road to Avonlea and StarGate 😀

Playing: With the idea of using bubbles and glitter.

Asking: Myself if I should start cutting up pizza toppings yet, or wait till Mom starts the dough.

Naming: My Grandma’s cat 😉

Wanting: To go play with my camera…

Finishing: Up this post.

Signing: Love.

Feeling: A tad sick XP

So there we go! Whether you understood any of that I don’t know… But you get the idea, I suppose 🙂 Now go out and enjoy this beautiful weather!


(Okay… I admit it. I no longer mind being called Essie. I used to hate it, but the other day I realized that I didn’t mind it anymore…)





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