Thoughts About Life//Hiking Stories

Note: most of this post was written in October, and I never got around to actually finishing it and posting it. So all my thoughts and muses may be a little outdated 😉 Hopefully I’ll be able to write a post bringing you all up to date soon 🙂

Yup, it’s been awhile, huh? You’ll just have to get used to my absences, because they are going to happen from time to time!

Anyhow, back to life. I haven’t even begun to understand it. Nor do I believe that I ever will XP

I’m kind of a mess emotionally now. I’ll be good one moment, going about my day, and then something will happen to make me not so good the next 😛 I’m a lot better than I was, but still. These past 6 months or so have been so hard. Harder than I ever remember.

So my life right now is pretty boring… Mostly school. But we did go on a ten mile hike the other day! 🙂 Up an absolutely gorgeous mountain.

The Mountain That We Climbed 😉

The hike up--Blank Pages

Leaves of gold--Blank Pages

Sister at the bridge--Blank Pages


At the top of the mountain!

Fire tower--Blank Pages

The fire tower at the top, once we climbed it we were over 4000 ft! 😀

Mountain view--Blank Pages

It was truly a breathtaking view 🙂

Crystal blue sky--Blank Pages

We couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather that day! A crystal clear day, not too hot or cold, just right 🙂



I took this picture on our way to the pond. Noah and I basically climbed down the mountain by ourselves, Dad and Gabe are crazy fast hikers, so it never took them long to get ahead of Noah and me 😉 So Noah and I had fun, making a competition out of who fell down the most, me spontaneously singing lines from Carrying the Banner (Specifically: “Walk until we faaaaallll!” Yep, I’m crazy ^_^), me telling myself and Noah that we didn’t have time to goof off, and talking about random crazy things 😉 We had fun 🙂

The lake--Blank Pages

The “pond” and the bottom of the mountain. They called it a pond, but we all agreed that it really should be a lake 😉

The photogerpher--Blank Pages

Red leaves, blue sky--Blank Pages

My little sister took this, she’s got a pretty good eye, don’t you think? 🙂

Almost complete--Blank Pages

This is the closest thing that we got to a family picture 🙂

Hiking stories--Blank Pages

Okay, so there’s a story behind this picture… A very observant person would notice that I’m not wearing shoes in this picture, and I don’t look that happy, and that I’m holding my jacket weirdly. The reason behind all this: on the 4 mile hike back my feet started hurting, and then really hurting, so much so that it was really difficult to walk. I had cheap shoes on, not the greatest decision I’ve ever made 😛 Note to self: buy good hiking shoes the next time you go on a ten mile hike. Anyway, I could walk, but not very fast at all, and I had to stop every 10-15 minutes or so. And we’re in the middle of nowhere, there’s nothing to do but keep walking the miles to the road. And I do, although every step is painful. (The reason I’m clutching my jacket sleeve in the above picture) The pathway seemed endless, but at last, the road finally appeared. I was ever so happy to see that black asphalt 🙂 So yes! I survived 🙂 And don’t any of you dare feel sorry for me, I won some bragging rights that day 😉 I walked 3 plus miles in the woods without shoes, for one 😉

See ya latah!







Less than a Week//Pictures

Hello peoples! How are you this fine day? 🙂


There’s not much time left here… Just a little more than a week 🙁 I still can’t believe that I’m moving sometimes… I’ll be doing something and tell myself that I’ll see someone or do something when I realize that I won’t be here. And I’ll be walking through the house, or at church looking at all the people, and realize that I’ll be leaving all of this very soon. It seems so unreal. This is all that I’ve ever known… The most I’ve ever been away from home at one time is 3 weeks or so. Not 5 years… So Weird XP

Random picture time!! XD Some of my favorites from the last month 🙂

Baby nephew Blank Pages rainbow! Two little birdies Yawn

~Forever Esther! 😀

My First Self-Photo Shoot

I did my first self-photo shoot on Sunday! 🙂 They aren’t the greatest pictures in the world, but it was still fun 😉

Trilby and staff

My trilby and sister’s staff 🙂

Blank Pages



My blue cape. I’ve had this for I can’t even remember how many years… It used to more than touch the ground 😉

Blank Pages

I was trying to get a shot of the cape falling to the ground, but I let it go too soon, and the picture turned out like this 🙂

Blank PagesBlank Pages

This is the cape that I made in December for going to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens 🙂 I used the pattern from this site. Blank PagesThis didn’t quite turn out. Since the camera was on the self-timer it doesn’t always focus right 😛 But I still like the concept of this picture.  Blank Pages Blank Pages Blank Pages Blank Pages Blank Pages

I love this one 🙂 If only it had focused right!! XP

So that’s it!